Dirty Radio "Fall Back" (video)

Dirty Radio 'Fall Back' (video)
As far as low-budget videos go, Vancouver's Dirty Radio got some impressive results on their new clip for "Fall Black" from their 2013 EP Lick 1.0.

The clip for this wobbly, beat-driven R&B banger is a black and white affair directed by Emma Higgins. It's filled with disorienting levitation, watery optical illusions and stripper pole aerobics.

Higgins said in a statement, "This video was never meant to be made; however, I'd worked with the band before and loved this particular track off the album, so when the opportunity came to piggyback this shoot onto another one we were able to make it happen on our next-to-nothing budget. Sex, control and babes on babes, the incredible crew helped me realize the concept exactly as I'd imagined it."

Watch it below.

DiRTY RADiO - "Fallback" from Emma Higgins on Vimeo.