Dirty Radio "Numbers"

Dirty Radio 'Numbers'
Clear out some space on the floor in front of your computer, because you're going to want to dance when listening to this one: Vancouver pop outfit Dirty Radio have just unveiled a new single called "Numbers."

The song is a thumping electro banger with surging four-on-the-floor beats, clubby synths and funkified falsetto vocal hooks that recall the pop-friendly swagger of Chromeo.

In a statement, Dirty Radio explained that this track came from a collaborative session with local producers Pat Lok and Ekali, when they embarked up a "group challenge: we would try and write as many song ideas as possible in a day and would never spend more than 45 minutes on something before moving on." This vocal hook was apparently a stand-out moment from this experiment, and they subsequently fleshed out the idea.

Hear "Numbers" below.