Kendrick Lamar Disses Drake, Eminem Makes Rape Jokes on Dr. Dre's 'Compton'

Kendrick Lamar Disses Drake, Eminem Makes Rape Jokes on Dr. Dre's 'Compton'
Drake may have gotten the better of Meek Mill in their feud, but now it seems that the Toronto rapper may have found himself a more formidable opponent: Compton rap king Kendrick Lamar, who appears to have dropped some digs at Drizzy into his guest verses on Dr. Dre's new album Compton.

Drake and Lamar have an on-again-off-again feud dating back a couple of years, to when Drake was one of the many rappers Lamar called out during his famed verse on Big Sean's "Control." Most recently, some speculated that the Toronto rapper's song "Used To" included a dig at Kendrick.

Lamar's latest contributions to the beef are fairly subtle, but appear to be unquestionably targeted at Drake. On Dre's "Darkside/Gone," Kendrick alludes to "Energy" when he raps, "But still I got enemies giving me energy I wanna fight now / Subliminally sent to me all of this hate / I thought I was holding the mic down."

And on "Deep Water," he says he "started from the bottom," and declares, " They liable to bury him, they nominated six to carry him / They worrying him to death, but he's no vegetarian / The beef is on his breath, inheriting the drama better than / A great white, nigga, this is life in my aquarium."

None of this is quite as direct as time Lamar mentioned Drake by name and threatened to "murder" him (among many other rappers) on "Control." Still, we're willing to bet that Drake will find a rap battle with Lamar a lot more formidable than wedgie threats.

Meanwhile, Compton has attracted controversy thanks to some less-than-tasteful remarks about women from Dre and Eminem. On "Medicine Man," Eminem raps, "I even make the bitches I rape come." And "Loose Cannons" has a domestic abuse skit in which a woman is killed and buried. Given the criticism that has been heaped on Action Bronson and Rich Homie Quan for similarly incendiary lyrics, it remains to be seen whether these lines have any repercussions for the rappers.