Dev Hynes

"05/11/15" (unused film score)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished May 11, 2015

Did Dev Hynes' score to last year's Palo Alto have you excited for the possibility of even more soundtrack work the guy we also call Blood Orange? Well, we've got some good news and some bad news. On the plus side of things, 45 minutes of cinematic soundscaping has just arrived online. Reason being, Hynes was fired from an untitled film project.

The 45-minute suite of incidentals showed up today (May 11) through Hynes' YouTube account, along with the following note: "I spent the last few months working on a film score, then I got fired. No hard feelings. Here's some of the music. Listen & zone out if you want."

As you'll discover down below, the score presents anything from dramatically bowed orchestra pieces, to slapback-heavy drone, to a recurring motif of forlorn-sounding, finger-picked acoustic guitars and fluttery flute notes that sound like they could've really kicked up some footage of a lonely, nomadic journey across some sand dunes.

Alas, we'll seemingly never know what these were for, but you can put your imagination to the test by giving the score a stream down below.

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