Desire "Under Your Spell" (Synthesizer Dub)

Desire 'Under Your Spell' (Synthesizer Dub)
There's been a seemingly endless supply of rare tracks being supplied by production mastermind Johnny Jewel over on SoundCloud these past few months, but most of the shine has been put on the prolific musician's work with Chromatics and Glass Candy. His Desire project with Montreal singer Megan Louise is now getting some attention, with a trio of glossy tracks having surfaced for fans to sample.

The recent reveals include a "synthesizer redub" of electro-pop devotional "Under Your Spell." The modified version is stripped of beats to instead home in on keyboard tones both gauzy and frizzed-out, and Louise's lines of sleepless nights thinking about her main squeeze.

Also served up are an instrumental take on disco ball dazzler "Mirroir Mirroir," and another foot-shuffling synth track called "I Can Dream About You."

You'll find the deepest of Desire cuts down below.