Deer Tick "White Havoc"

Deer Tick 'White Havoc'
Now that it's December, we can expect a veritable blizzard of holiday songs, and this included a new number called "White Havoc" from Deer Tick.

This track offers us a rather noisy glimpse at the alt-country act, as the arrangement is blasted with ultra-fuzzy low end. On top of that, it includes jazzy piano plunks, a xylophone intro, and jaded Christmas lyrics before the whole thing devolves into a chaotic outro.

This comes from the upcoming Converse Rubber Tracks compilation Noise to the World 2, which will come out on January 5. Other contributors include Dum Dum Girls and Iamsu!, while a song from the comp by GRMLN can be heard here.

Listen to "White Havoc" below [via Stereogum].