Deceptikon "Disc from 01"

Deceptikon 'Disc from 01'
San Francisco-based electronic musician Zack Wright is set to return with his latest record as Deceptikon, but before Presido officially lands, Exclaim! has got your first listen to album cut "Disc from 01."
The album was crafted over three years, and Wright describes it in a press release as music made for home listening, rather than a collection of songs aimed at filling dancefloors at clubs.
"I've always tried to not pay attention to trends in electronic music and just make what I like, and this record is the result of going strongly in that direction," he said. "I'm making music for myself, and am inspired way more by older music than current trends in electronic music or the latest production techniques. My aim is to make music that stands the test of time."
To achieve that goal, Wright weaves together organic sound from instruments like the piano, guitar, bass and melodica with the less natural-sounds of synthesizers and drum machines. It's a blend that can be heard on "Disc from 01" — a smooth instrumental jam that opens with a simple percussive knocking and builds into layers of synthesized sound with an infectious beat and undeniable groove.
Presido officially arrives on July 7 via Project: Mooncircle, but you can ease the wait by giving "Disc from 01" a spin in the player below, right now.