Danielson "People's Partay"

Danielson 'People's Partay'
Later this month, Danielson will unleash Best of Gloucester County, his long-awaited new album on Sounds Familyre. Before he does, though, the songwriter has offered up another track from the release, and it's a surefire party song.

 Before you start thinking wild benders and endless drugs, however, keep in mind that Danielson is a family-friendly religious rocker, so instead we have a feel-good sing-along about a snack-filled good time.

The song also comes with its own contest:

The "People's Picture Partay" is a two-week party-game, and you're invited. We're collecting drawings and photos of "conversation, recreation, and celebration" (from the chorus of the song). In other words, we want images of downright partay-ing. The best photos and drawings will be assembled into the official "People's Partay" video, which will be unveiled on the interwebs immediately before Danielson hits all major U.S. highways for the "People's Springtime County Partay." So, start sending pictures! You could be famous!! Your friends could be famous!! Your grandma could be famous!! Not only that, but the person with the most pictures used in the video gets the 'Gloucester County Prize Pack'!

 A few guidelines:

1. Submissions will be accepted from now through Feb. 22

2. Send as many images as you want to [email protected]

3. Images need to be original (meaning you own the rights to the image)

4. Images of "conversation, recreation, and celebration"

5. Images need to be rated G

6. Images need to be 1 MB or less.

"People's Partay" can be downloaded here.