Courtney Love Sued by Memoir Co-Writer

Courtney Love Sued by Memoir Co-Writer
Photo: Jason Schreurs
For years, Hole frontwoman and alt icon Courtney Love has been teasing the arrival of a new, tell-all autobiography. The book, tentatively titled Girl with the Most Cake, was last teased for a late-2013 arrival, but has yet to surface. The book's delays have now resulted in a new lawsuit, as Love's co-writer is demanding the rest of his royalties.

As the New York Times reports, Anthony Bozza was hired to co-writer the memoir with Love back in 2010, and delivered a 123,375-word manuscript in January 2014. 

Speaking with the Telegraph, Love soon revealed that she rejected the memoir. "It's like me jacked on coffee and sugar in a really bad mood," she said. She also mentioned that she was trying to change the book with a different author, despite never formally letting Bozza go.

Those decisions have now resulted in a legal battle. Bozza filed suit against Love on Friday (April 24) in New York. He claims that he's been paid $100,000 for the project, but is still owed an additional $200,000 based on the minimum of $200,000 he was guaranteed, plus any royalties from book sales.

Love has been paid $400,000 of her $1.2 million advance, and was offered an additional advance if she'd deliver a draft of the book. "Courtney refused to deliver the manuscript," Bozza's lawyer, Rishi Bhandari, said in the lawsuit. The lawsuit adds that "Love's frequent unexplained absences meant that she did not make herself reasonably available to Bozza for months at a time."

Courtney Love did not reply to the Times' request for comment.