Converge's Jacob Bannon Forms Band with Members of Megadeth, Napalm Death and Nasum

"We recorded a 12-song album and we're really excited about it"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jun 9, 2020

On the heels of rolling out a debut album with Umbra Vitae, Converge frontman Jacob Bannon has now revealed his involvement in another metal supergroup, this time featuring members of Megadeth, Napalm Death and Nasum.

Appearing on "Mosh Talks With Beez" for Slipknot's, Bannon revealed that he had recorded a full-length album with a group that features Napalm Death's Shane Embury, Megadeth and ex-Soilwork drummer Dirk Verbeuren, and Jesper Liveröd of Nasum.

Bannon expanded on the project as follows:

Aside from the Umbra [Vitae] record I actually finished another album before the pandemic situation hit here in the States. We didn't totally put that on ice, but it definitely delayed getting that out to the world…

It's something totally new for me, where Umbra is a band — a proper band — and Converge and Wear Your Wounds are proper bands, this is more of a project that might have some live elements at some point. But I wrote a album with Shane Embury from Napalm Death, Dirk from Megadeth who also used to play drums in Soilwork and Jesper from Nasum.

And we recorded a 12-song album and we're really excited about it. And we're gonna get that out to the world, I don't know, hopefully in the next few months, we'll see what happens…

Bannon also spoke about the further evolution of Blood Moon, which saw Converge team with Cave In's Stephen Brodsky, Chelsea Wolfe and her guitarist Ben Chisholm for a series of live shows:

All I can really say is that we're making some really powerful sounds together and we're doing stuff that I don't think that any of us independently have ever really done before. So what Blood Moon is evolving into with the seven of us is, I don't know, something very powerful. It's something really special. Right now all of us are working on it.

We were supposed to be working on it a little bit more and all be in the same place around this time but obviously the pandemic situation derailed those plans. So we're all working on it to the best of our abilities now.

You can watch Bannon's interview in the player below. In March, Converge shared the 31-minute song "Endless Arrow."

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