Close Talker's 8 Favourite Places in Saskatoon

Photo: Nicole Marie

BY Close TalkerPublished Jul 10, 2019

Prairie trio Close Talker don't let their Saskatoon home hinder their ambitions. While the indie rockers are touring all summer before dropping their third album, How Do We Stay Here?, on August 30. First, they shared some favourite Saskatoon spots. Location photos by Aaron Brown.

Meewasin Park

The river and the Meewasin trails are a highlight for Saskatoon, and everyone seems to congregate there, especially in summer. Our city has miles of beautiful trails and since we only have a couple months of legit summer, everyone makes it count. Furthermore, we have a super rad canoe club that gets us out on the water.
Shelter Brewing (255 2nd Ave S)

Shelter Brewing has quickly become a favourite watering hole for us. It is a really low-key spot to hang, and the beer is great. What more can you ask for? Also, they've partnered with the city's best taco truck. It's the perfect marriage. 
Collective Coffee (220 20th St W)

This is our favourite coffee shop and we often have meetings or work out of here. It is wonderful in that every time we go, we run into heaps of friends and always end up visiting. On the other hand, we seldom get a lot of work done, but you know that going in and it's always worth it. 
Hardpressed (224 20th St W)

Hardpressed is a unique clothing store that fosters community within their brand and mantra. They have helped build up pride in Saskatchewan while showcasing the beauty here. They're definitely a part of Saskatoon's identity.
Vinyl Diner (628 Broadway Ave)

This is our favourite record store and always a worthy stop when cruising down Broadway. It is great because the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and honest. Like most of our favourite places in S'toon, you will always run into a friend and are destined for a good visit. 
Amigos (806 Dufferin Ave)

Amigos is nostalgia embodied in a music venue. This is where we saw our first touring bands growing up and where a lot of the foundation and inspiration was generated for Close Talker. We still love going to Amigos and some of our favourite shows were in this sweaty, packed bar. 
Eastview Bowl (2929 Louise St E)

I can safely say that none of us are good bowlers, but we have enough respect for The Big Lebowski that we give it our best roll. This is in every way an ordinary bowling alley, but it is a great hang and a safe place to strive for that perfect game. 
Seasoned (230 21st St E) 

We talk about food a lot — likely more than the average friend group. We're always arguing about the best noodle bowl in Saskatoon, and presently Seasoned is the reigning champ. Good ingredients, good ratios, filling — it's the perfect late lunch for any occasion. 

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