Close Talker Are Together in Transition with Wyatt C. Louis on "Tall Boy"

It's the latest preview of the Saskatoon trio's new album 'The Sprawl'

Photo: Nicole Plett

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Feb 22, 2024

For the latest preview of their forthcoming album The Sprawl (out March 22), Saskatoon indie rockers Close Talker have teamed up with Slow Weather Music labelmate, Red Deer's Wyatt C. Louis, on "Tall Boy."

“For ‘Tall Boy’, we wanted to capture a performance that feels together, even though we're all currently living in different places — including our good friend Wyatt C. Louis who is featured on vocals," the trio said in a release. "We recorded separately in each of our own living rooms, and the song and video came together very comfortably. Our director Dale Bailey compiled the takes and contrasted it against footage of their documentary, All Aboard.”

It's fitting for a song that revolves around the axis of leaning on each other through transitional times. As the band's name suggests, the track feels like an intimate address, with quivering, feather-soft acoustic guitar, piano and string textures bolstering its poetic promise: "I will wait for you / In the harrowing, the harbouring, the magnitude of it all." 

Watch the "Tall Boy" video below.


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