Close Talker Detail New Album 'How Do We Stay Here?'

The Saskatoon band have also mapped out a Canadian tour

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Apr 30, 2019

After sharing new song "Half Past Nine" back in February, Saskatoon's Close Talker have shared the details behind a forthcoming new album.

Titled How Do We Stay Here?, the trio's latest arrives August 30 through Slow Weather. Eleven tracks in length, the album marks the band's follow-up to 2017's Lens.

Joining "Half Past Nine" in the tracklist is new single "The Change It Brings," which you can hear below. As the band explain in a statement, the song's subject can also speak the album's larger theme of time:

No matter what the situation, everyone is shaped by time. It can change us for the worse, or for the better, but at one point or another, all of us will have to face the force of time. This song, along with our new album, is us trying to wrestle with time. It conveys trying to learn from our experiences, trying to keep perspective, trying to progress in this weird world, and sometimes trying not to progress at all; to sit in a moment and soak it in for all it has to offer before it becomes nothing more than a memory. How Do We Stay Here? is us navigating through the past two years, to both the good times and the bad that shaped who we are, and learning how to learn from them.

Close Talker have also mapped out a series of Canadian tour dates, which you can find following the album's tracklist below.

How Do We Stay Here?:

1. Void
2. Wait
3. The Change It Brings
4. Arm's Length
5. Pace
6. Wandering
7. Half Past Nine
8. Carefully In The Dark
9. The Lake By The Hotel
10. All-Time
11. Refuge

Tour dates:

05/11 Saskatoon, SK – Capitol 5 Year Anniversary
05/25 Amsterdam, NL – London Calling Festival
06/27 Saskatoon, SK – Sask Jazz Festival Special Performance* 
07/05 Prince Albert, SK – Chester Fest
07/06 Rabbit Creek, SK – Napatak Ramble Festival
08/02 Vancouver, BC – Special Performance TBA*
08/06 Edmonton, AB – Special Performance TBA*
08/08-9 Regina, SK – Regina Folk Festival Special Performance*
08/10 Winnipeg, MB – Special Performance TBA*
08/13 Ottawa, ON - Special Performance TBA*
08/14 Sarnia, ON - Special Performance TBA*
08/15 Toronto, ON – Special Performance TBA*

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