Cleaners From Venus Treated More Reissues by Captured Tracks

Cleaners From Venus Treated More Reissues by Captured Tracks
Last year, Exclaim! called Cleaners From Venus' Vol. 2 box set one of the best reissues of the year, so we're pleased to report that Captured Tracks has now lined up Vol. 3. This latest box set will drop on June 10, and the albums will also be able individually.

The British indie pop band, led by Martin Newell, were active from the early '80s until the early '90s, and this set compiles music from the later part of their run. The set is available in four-CD or four-LP boxes. Both come with a 16-page booklet of new liner notes written by Newell.

The albums included here are: Living with Victoria Grey (originally one of the band's low-key cassette releases), Number Thirteen (which had initially been intended as a demo), My Back Wages (in its original form, unlike the prior version, which included unapproved additions) and Extra Wages (rarities and unreleased material from the same era as My Back Wages).

See the tracklists below. The albums are available to order — separately or together — from Captured Tracks' online store.

Living with Victoria Grey:

1. Victoria Grey (1)

2. Ilya Kuryakin Looked at Me

3. Clara Bow

4. Follow the Plough

5. Stay On

6. What's Going On (In Your Heart)

7. The Mercury Girl

8. Armistice Day

9. Pearl

10. Victoria Grey (2)

Number Thirteen:

1. The Jangling Man

2. No Go (For Louis Macneice)

3. Mariette

4. Man for Our Time

5. Here She Crashes

6. A Street Called Prospect

7. Minesweeping Memory Lane

8. Germayne (Like a Cathedral)

9. Boy From The Home Counties

10. The Tear Collector

11. Christmas In Suburbia

My Back Wages:

1. Stay Lit

2. Gulf War Song

3. Smash Yore Watch

4. You Should Have Called

5. Arcadian Boys

6. Crane Driver

7. She Rings the Changes

8. Before the Hurricane

9. Clara Bow

10. When My Ship Comes In

11. Incident in a Greatcoat

12. Haunt  Your House

Extra Wages:

1. It Could Have Been Cheryl

2. The Iceberg and Unicorn

3. The World Strikes One

4. The Princes of Suburbia

5. Rusty Iron Sun

6. Gatecrashing Oyster Park

7. Finding My Own Way Home

8. Red Guitars and Silver Tam

9. Everytime I Go Up

10. The Green Gold Girl of The

11. We'll Build a House