Cleaners From Venus Return with 'The Last Boy in the Locarno'

Cleaners From Venus Return with 'The Last Boy in the Locarno'
Between the last few years' worth of Cleaners From Venus reissues and the outfit's ongoing output, English songwriter Martin Newell is one of the more prolific post-punk songwriters out there. The veteran artist has announced yet another album is on the way, too, with his The Last Boy In the Locarno due September 26 through Soft Bodies Records.

The 15th Cleaners From Venus album arrives almost exactly a year on from the release of 2015's Rose of the Lanes. A press release explains that Newell's latest offers up some classic Cleaners-styled pieces like "My Life in Film," while tracks like "Gorgeous Day" and "English Pier" apparently have a "hazy daze" to them. It also appears as if opening number "The Crystals and Ronettes" may tribute the girl groups of yore.

A month ahead of its official release, Newell is previewing The Last Boy in the Locarno with a puppet-starring video for "Gorgeous Day." You'll find the clip for the work- and responsibilities-shucking strummer down below.

You can pre-order the new album here.

The Last Boy in the Locarno:

1. The Crystals and Ronettes
2. Gorgeous Day
3. Pauline
4. English Pier
5. Time Star
6. You're Looking Great!
7. Eight O'Clock Angel
8. Pearl of the Palais
9. Voodoo Watusi
10. Victorian Doll
11. My Life in Film
12. How the West Was Won