Chromeo She's In Control

Excuse me for a minute while I convulse with joyous laughter over the name of this Montreal electro duo. Chromeo! Say it! Clever. There’s more evidence for their cheekiness, like their photos: one dude looks like a pseudo thug while the other looks like he’s dressed up like a professor for Halloween. And of course, the music doesn’t match at all. Chuckle. This is ’80s rip-off electro in the best sense: you can’t take it seriously because it’s just too much, yet you still feel mysteriously cooler for listening to it. I mean, they’ve even got a track called "You’re So Gangsta.” Other champion tracks include "Woman Friend” and "Ah Oui, Comme Ca,” so they can share a little Montreal French with the rest of the world. Ah, the goodness, the goodness. (Turbo)