Choses Sauvages Quai des Brumes, Montreal QC, September 20

Choses Sauvages Quai des Brumes, Montreal QC, September 20
Photo: Steve Louie
Packed onto the small stage at Quai des Brumes Sunday evening (September 20) was funky, indie-pop act Choses Sauvages, a fun, exceptionally talented band armed with catchy choruses and a nostalgic sense of rockabilly cool.
Composed of members Félix and Thomas Bélisle, Marc-Antoine Barbier and Philippe Gauthier Boudreau, the Montreal-based outfit performed to an excited crowd as a charming, kitschy disco ball rotated overhead, creating an almost cinematic atmosphere for the band's bouncy disco beats. Playful in a borderline mischievous way, the band managed to pack complex sounds into songs with very straightforward lyrics, allowing for a lot of fun to be had without too much emotional investment.
With no distinctive frontperson or lead vocalist taking charge, Choses Sauvages possessed an evident sense of camaraderie that translated well to their ebullient live set. With seamless transitions, charming, bilingual banter and undeniably groovy beats, they cemented themselves as a local band to keep an eye on.