Chokehold Share New Song "Profit Over People"

It comes from the upcoming album 'With This Thread I Hold On'
Chokehold Share New Song 'Profit Over People'
Hamilton hardcore crew Chokehold will release their first album in over two decades next month, and before With This Thread I Hold On arrives, the band have rolled out another new track.

Titled "Profit Over People," the song takes aim at the opioid crisis and the lack of effort to regulate its corporate connections.

Vocalist Chris Logan said of the subject matter, "The pharmaceutical companies responsible for the opioid crisis know precisely what they are doing, running their business like a criminal empire with prizes going to the pushers." 

He continued: "Our governments are being bought and controlled by these companies, and this keeps recovery programs and education severely underfunded and alternatives to pain relief illegal. Addiction is not a weakness or lack of willpower; this is about the vulnerable being taken advantage of at their most desperate time."

With This Thread I Hold On arrives April 19 through Good Fight Music.