Check Out This Chaotic Christmas Parody of Rob Zombie's "Dragula"

Concept: Santa's sleigh as a joyride

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Dec 19, 2022

If the Christmas music blaring in retail stores during your holiday shopping hasn't been filling the nu metal-sized hole in your heart, this one's for you. Parody metal band Psychostick have shared "Zombie Claus," their Christmas parody of Rob Zombie's "Dragula." 

"Spread season's greetings / And slide down the chimneys / And give all the gifts 'cause I'm Santa Claus," an undead Saint Nick sings from his decked-out sleigh-inspired joyride. The naughty and nice lists seem to be a bit more ambiguous this year, with bad elves, anthropomorphic reindeer and even a dominatrix making an appearance. Watch the video below.

Zombie Santa better hold onto his sack of gifts while cruising around, otherwise we might have another Vancouver car crash incident on our hands. Not enough gift guides include power bars, records by Zombie himself and the Offspring or purple vibrators this year, in our humble opinion.

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