The Offspring, Rob Zombie Albums Found at Scene of Vancouver Car Crash (Plus a Purple Vibrator and Lube)

Pretty fly for a crime scene

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jul 22, 2022

In what is surely one of the most disturbing crime scenes ever found, albums by the Offspring and Rob Zombie were spotted next to a car crash in downtown Vancouver — as well as a purple vibrator, paper plates and various electrical devices.

CBC drone operator GP Mendoza shared a photo of the scene on Twitter, saying the Vancouver police are investigating the paraphernalia found at the scene of the crash at Gore Avenue and East Pender Street in the Downtown Eastside.

The items include vinyl copies of the Offspring's Americana and Rob Zombie's American Made Music to Strip By, a power bar, some sort of power adaptor, a small suitcase (which is possibly a portable record player), and various other items. And, of course, there's a purple vibrator in the foreground, plus a bottle of water-based lube.
It's not entirely clear how — or even if — the items on the ground are connected to the Cadillac Escalade that has crashed into a brick wall. But we can only assume that this is the greatest case of distracted driving of all time.

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