Champagne Years "Tears on the Phone" (video)

Champagne Years 'Tears on the Phone' (video)
Winnipeg indie pop outfit Champagne Years pride themselves on providing "the soundtrack for your sad, late-night dance parties," and they've just unveiled a new video for the characteristically glum "Tears on the Phone."
Shimmering guitar lines blend with gloomy baritone vocals, resulting in a sharp, sad pop gem. The band's Josh Benoit sums it up as an ideal track to add to your "Songs to Cry/Jog To" playlist — and recommends having a playlist for such purposes, if you don't already.
The clip, meanwhile, stars a young boy in an oversized coat wistfully kicking a ball around his wintery prairie setting. The fun and games are interrupted by a black-clad, cloaked figure appearing, though the kid proves himself pretty resourceful. Watch the clip below to see how he conquers his frightening foe.