Champagne Years "Hold My Head" (video)

Champagne Years 'Hold My Head' (video)
Winnipeg indie-pop outfit Champagne Years released This Yen Closing My Throat last year, but haven't released a video since the arrival of "Détente" — until now. The band took a bit of a pause and underwent some lineup changes, but they're back at it and ready to reveal a new clip for "Hold My Head."
The concept for the video arose from a set of mannequin heads that guitarist Josh Benoit happened upon and bought at a thrift store. His plan to use them in a future video project has now come to fruition, though it's his bandmate Gareth Williams who really got the most familiar with one particular severed head.
"I hadn't made a video with so little prep time before, but I felt pretty confident in Gareth's ability to sell the bond between himself and the head — I think they really connected," Benoit tells Exclaim! "We shot it pretty much in sequence one evening and I had finished editing it within a week. We essentially tuned out the analytical voice asking 'What the fuck does this mean?' and went on feeling for this one."
Nevertheless, there are still traces of a statement being made about loneliness and isolation and the strange ways humans deal with those experiences in the video.

See that translate onto the screen by watching the premiere of "Hold My Head" in the player below.