The Casualties Release Statement on Sexual Assault Allegations as More Shows Are Cancelled

The Casualties Release Statement on Sexual Assault Allegations as More Shows Are Cancelled
New York punk act the Casualties were about to embark on a cross-Canada tour, but many of its dates have been cancelled following a reminder of sexual assault allegations lodged against frontman Jorge Herrera (pictured far left). Now, the band has responded to claims as multiple stops on their tour have been cancelled.

The claims started in 2013 with a blog post alleging that Herrera sexually assaulted a girl when she was just 16. A number of others claiming to be Herrera's abuse victims have since collected their stories on Tumblr, while a group called Boycott the Casualties has fought to spread awareness about the allegations around the world.

The Casualties have already denied the claims in the past, and have opted to do so once again. Taking to their Facebook page, they offered the following post:

The rumors about Jorge that allegedly took place almost 18 years ago are completely untrue. There is zero truth or fact...

Posted by The Casualties on Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The statement comes after multiple shows have been cancelled. The band was intended to perform in Vancouver last night (July 29), but it was cancelled just hours before it was supposed to start.

As previously reported, shows in Halifax and Calgary were cancelled. The latter was rebooked at a venue called Distortion, but promoters had a change of heart. Instead, they'll now host an event to raise funds and awareness to prevent sexual violence. 

Similarly, the Casualties show in Oshawa has been cancelled, and the bands playing instead have asked to have their fee donated to a women's charity. More information on that show here.

Casualties shows have also been cancelled in Moncton, London, Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Edmonton.