Canada Isn't Cool Enough to Watch Sir Patrick Stewart Sing Creed, Apparently

Can you take me higher (north), to a place where they can't see (this ad)

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Feb 1, 2024

After a depressive morning, my spirits were immediately lifted upon finding out about a Paramount+ Super Bowl ad featuring Patrick Stewart singing Creed. Apparently, my excitement was premature, as both the Trekkie and the cringe goblin within me immediately wanted to go back to bed after realizing the video is geo-blocked in Canada.

Look, I'm not usually one to pat advertisers on the back, but come on. PStew climbing up the Paramount mountain while absolute icon Peppa Pig, Hey Arnold! and Survivor host Jeff Probst (fine, and noted scab Drew Barrymore) cheer him on sounds pretty sick.

What's even more rude about this is that we don't even know what Creed song he's singing. Sure, we can probably guess that it's "Higher," but our Online Editor would have a field day if it were "With Arms Wide Open." [Ed. note: as both an unapologetic Creed fan and Trekkie, I approve of this message.] Our favourite Christian butt-rockers even make an appearance in this thing! Who wants to road trip to Buffalo, NY, on this fine, rainy Thursday afternoon in the middle of a work day to dodge the geo-block with me?

Anyway, if (or when) anyone discovers this ad becomes available in Canada before I do, please send me the link at I'm dead serious.

UPDATE (2/01 2:12 p.m. ET): Big ups to our contributor Marko Djurdjić for letting me know you can view the ad in Canada on Adweek's website. It's just as corny and glorious as you'd expect it to be.

Writer's note: This article is for entertainment purposes only. Do not tell me to download a VPN.

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