BROS "Tell Me" (video)

BROS 'Tell Me' (video)
Sheepdogs brothers Evan and Shamus Currie branched out with sibling side-project BROS this year, delivering their aptly titled debut LP Vol. 1 back in October. Now, they've unveiled a fresh new video for album cut "Tell Me."
The clip was directed, edited and produced by their Sheepdogs bandmate Ryan Gullen and takes the boys' sense of humour back in time.
"I drew a lot of inspiration from '90s and early 2000s rap videos," Gullen explained in a statement. "I love the simplicity of performance videos that include throwback vibes with a group just walking down a street being fun characters. My vision was to create a more modern take on these videos but to maintain a lot of the sensibilities and the fun tone that made these videos great."
The whole thing was shot using drones, then mixed with vintage footage from a 1970s fair in Philadelphia. See it all come together in the player below.
As previously reported, Sheepdogs will ring in 2017 at Dine Alone Record's New Year's Eve celebration in Vancouver later this month.