Minor Threat "Will Never Play Shows Again," Says Brian Baker

"It was a product of its time"
Minor Threat 'Will Never Play Shows Again,' Says Brian Baker
If you've been dreaming of a Minor Threat reunion, you might want to brace yourself. Brian Baker, former bassist of the legendary punk outfit, doubts the band will ever play together ever again, suggesting fans probably wouldn't like what they saw even if the group did reunite.

In a new interview with Goetia Media, the artist spoke at length about his debut self-titled record with Fake Names, as well as the realities of touring in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Pandemic aside, when asked if there would ever be a possibility of reuniting Minor Threat in today's day and age, Baker offered a firm "no."

"We will never play shows again," Baker said. "It was a product of its time. It's so much better to leave it alone than ruin it by being a bunch of old guys playing songs that we wrote when we were teenagers."

He added: "I don't wanna go backwards; I like to continue creating and, to me, just doing a re-enactment of Minor Threat would not be satisfying and, I think, would be more harmful than helpful. Everyone likes the idea of seeing Minor Threat play, but I think if they actually saw it, they wouldn't like it anymore."

Back in 2018, fans started buzzing about a possible reunion after the band posted the picture above, recreating their iconic 1985 EP Salad Days. It appears those rumours have finally been put to rest.

Listen to the interview below.