Brendan Canning

"Book It to Fresno" (NSFW video)

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Aug 25, 2016

Brendan Canning released his latest solo LP Home Wrecking Years earlier this month, and he isn't holding back in taking everything off in a new NSFW video for "Book It to Fresno."

Directed by Luke McCutcheon & Mike Yablonski, the video looks at a father-son relationship in the context of a nudist colony, featuring a cast of real-life nudist community members. That said, it would be a good idea to save your viewing time for after you leave work.

"I had never met them [the directing team of Luke McCutcheon & Mike Yablonski] before they came over to my house one evening to pitch the idea of a young man looking for his estranged father at a nudist resort," Canning told the Fader. "Once they told me about their 'textile-free' meeting with the manager of the resort as per his request, they gained my trust and confidence instantly. All I asked was to make it look cool and in the end they went above and beyond my request. Top marks!"

McCutcheon and Yablonski added, "We've wanted to explore the theme of naturism in a video for quite some time now and when this song came around it felt like a great fit. We were also just tired of making videos with our clothes on. Thanks to the community at Bare Oaks (the nudist colony where the video was shot) we were able to make that dream come true."

Home Wrecking Years is out now through Arts & Crafts. Watch the NSFW clip for "Book It to Fresno" in the player below.

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