Brassmunk Live Ordeal!

Continuing to improve and impress, four-man crew BrassMunk has parlayed their bob and weave flows and sturdy beats into a strong foundation for their sonic excursions. Following up the success of the hook and horn propelled "One, 2," the crew have now allied themselves with Montreal-based Audio Research, the label run by Dave One, brother of champ turntablist A-Trak, and have turned in four versatile tracks. Designed to be "blowin' out your tweeter," the powerful "Live Ordeal!" rides a distorted guitar riff and an unforgiving fuzzed out bass line, hooked up by group producer Agile, who steps to the side for the mid-tempo and melodious "Rise Up," fashioned by Da Grassroots' Mr. Attic, on which the MCs flaunt a playful stutter, and on the sticky funk of the DJ Serious helmed "Serious Business." Despite the dissimilarity of their sonic accompaniment, MCs Clip, S-Roc and May 19 maintain a tight chemistry with their authoritative deliveries and distinctive approach. By passing the mic at every opportunity and often finishing each other's sentences, their collective focus is underlined and never swayed by the varied beats, conveying the feeling that you're listening in on a lively street-corner freestyle cipher. (Heavy Heads)