Watch Montreal Supergroup Black Legary's Disorienting "Progenburger" Video

The band is composed of members of Patrick Watson, the Barr Brothers and TEKE :: TEKE
Watch Montreal Supergroup Black Legary's Disorienting 'Progenburger' Video
The three members of Montreal experimental pop outfit Black Legary have kept busy in the two years since debut album silurian memorii thanks to their other bands Patrick Watson, the Barr Brothers and TEKE :: TEKE. Last week, they reemerged to contribute new track "Progenburger (Sam Woywitka Remix)" to the Sounds from Mothland Volume I mixtape, and have now shared a new video for the track.

The song's krautrock jam intro is set to dark footage of a terrified-looking person running on a dirt road, with quick cuts and inverted colours adding to the spooky vibes. As the song transitions into a moody electronic track driven by Morgan Moore's distorted spoken vocals, the visuals follow suit, featuring haunting figures by a campfire, a fully clothed person in a hot tub and a creepy green disco skull.

If that's not unsettling enough, the band submitted the following statement:

Black Legary spins a cold winter tale, narrated by Morgan Freeman from Mothland  
" I know it's hard to believe, but sometimes, falling in love can be easy.
The fruits of its labor can yield enormous crops. Unfortunately, your farm isn't always big enough. 
 .. that's where irreversible mistakes hatch in its cramped nursery;  hurting important souls along the way and spawning lost brothers. 
The greatest blunder in one's life is to not learn anything from these mistakes..
so why don't you fucking grow up .. "

About the mixtape, Mothland said in a statement:

Following a period of uncertainty about what the future might hold, we found ourselves with more questions than answers. But like the caterpillar-turned-moth we worship, we had to evolve and take flight into the night, trusting a distant light to guide us.

Guided by this light, we started putting together a compilation that would feature inspirational artists, and dear friends, we've had the pleasure of working with over the years. Because these are truly strange times, it meant the artists would have to further step out of their comfort zone, sharing budding ideas, and creating something new and spontaneous. 

Inspired by legendary releases like This Mortal Coil's three albums via 4AD,
Once Upon a Time In Shaolin by Wu-Tang Clan, Brian Eno's No New York, and Subterranean Pop's classic Sub Pop cassettezines, we aimed for a gritty, community-oriented project. Much like homemade mixtapes consisting of 4-track demos punks would share amongst friends in an era when mistakes were kept on recordings, Sounds from Mothland Volume I is raw because rock'n'roll isn't supposed to be perfect. Living in the digital age, we also thought the physical cassette itself was a great way to showcase music as an art piece, the sum of many incredible creators.

To us, Mothland exists to whoever needs it. It's a conceptual place where to be free, where to forget our troubled existence, and where to hide when need be. For this project, we've simply captured some of its beautiful and frightening sounds, hoping to share them with the rest of the world.

In loving memory of Claire Vincent Larocque

Sounds from Mothland Vol. 1 is available now, also including tracks by Paul JacobsBirds of ParadiseYoo Doo Rightthe High DialsAtsuko ChibaRed MassUUBBUURRUU and Victime.

Watch Black Legary's video for "Progenburger (Sam Woywitka Remix)" below.