Bishop Nehru 'Bishy's B-Day Playlist' / "The Alert" (video)

Bishop Nehru 'Bishy's B-Day Playlist' / 'The Alert' (video)
It's Bishop Nehru's birthday, but the New York rapper is giving us all the gifts. The now 19-year-old recording artist has just unveiled a four-song stream titled, most-fittingly, Bishy's B-Day Playlist. The icing on the cake? A video for the quick collection's "The Alert."

The playlist features a pair of cuts produced by Bish himself, with fluttering flutes and Spanish guitar filling the chill ""YLW (Young Living Wild)" and a tight snap beat filling "The Alert."

"Imma Get It" finds Nehru delivering AutoTune-dipped lines above a more modern-style pop-rap track, while "I See" is a visionary entry. Both of those come with beats from Tay $lay.

"These are some songs I really like and that made while experimenting," the rapper said in a statement. "I've been wanting to drop more music and what's better day than my birthday? So here you go Nehruvians Enjoy."

You'll find the tracks, as well as a video for "The Alert" that has the level-headed MC rapping in a lush yard, down below.