Billy Talent's Debut Album as Pezz Coming to Streaming

1999's 'Watoosh!' came just prior to the adoption of the name Billy Talent

BY Megan LaPierrePublished May 2, 2024

At the dawn of 2022, Billy Talent graced the cover of Exclaim! Magazine behind the release of Crisis of Faith, proving their continued — and ever-growing — relevancy amid the Canadian pop-punk renaissance. The momentum is still going, too, with the band set to headline Canada's inaugural emo nostalgia festival this summer — and they aren't immune to nostalgia either. 

Before they became Billy Talent, they were known as Pezz, releasing one album, Watoosh!, in 1999 before adopting their now-household name. That album was re-released by Atlantic Records in 2005, but has remained mysteriously absent from streaming.

Not for much longer, though: Dine Alone Records has announced that Watoosh! will finally be available digitally on May 31, with the single "M&M" arriving ahead of time on May 17. You can pre-save it here, and stay tuned for "more Pezz updates coming soon."

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