Big Grams "Lights On"

Big Grams 'Lights On'
Sure to spark the spirits of any Big Boi and Phantogram fans out there, the musicians' genre-crossing Big Grams collaboration have leaked another single from their forthcoming debut EP. A beacon of bounciness, the track is titled "Lights On."

While Big Boi took the lead on "Fell In the Sun," Phantogram singer Sarah Barthel is doing the heavy-lifting on this one. The track delivers a late-night analysis of who you can depend on, with Barthel tunefully explaining her hopeful mission statement: "When the bars all start to close, and it gets darkl outside and I can;t find my way home, I hope you keep your lights on for me."

Later, the nocturnal pop number's synth swerve supports a mid-section spit fest from Sir Lucious Left Foot, who spends his time on the mic detailing his duties as a force of positivity, a golden child lighting the way towards a life lacking materialism and self-medication.

You'll find the track below, while Big Grams' seven-song, self-titled EP lights up our lives September 25 via Epic.