Big Grams "Born to Shine" / "Run for Your Life" (video)

Big Grams 'Born to Shine' /  'Run for Your Life' (video)
Hip-hop/pop supergroup Big Grams have some big plans to weird up the end of your Easter long weekend. An animated video smashing together their self-titled debut's "Born to Shine" and "Run for Your Life" is full of shape-shifting villains and rainbow-spouting crotches.

Put together by Awesome Inc., the short film finds Big Boi and Phantogram launched into a late-night world full of seedy alleyways and crooked night clubs scenes. "Born to Shine" also features an animated likeness of Killer Mike, who's making his way around the bar via a "Keep on Truckin'" walk cycle as the Big Grams team put the beatdown on some baddies.

The "Run for Your Life" portion of the clip bounces to a sexy haunted house full of leprechauns, black and white boudoir footage, and paintings that will grab you with more than just their subtext.

You can peep the animated Big Grams crew down below.