Bicep Take Flight as DOVE on New CHROMA Song "Bi83"

The duo's new moniker plays "an extreme version of the Bicep sound."

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished May 2, 2024

Bicep have assumed a different identity for the latest instalment of their CHROMA project, sharing a new single today as DOVE.

The duo of Andy Ferguson and Matt McBriar describe the sounds of their new DOVE alias as "an extreme version of the Bicep sound. Heavier but also calmer."

"Bi83," which you can hear below, fits such a description, its relaxed groove employing jagged drum tones and a burbling synth.

Via their Discord server, Bicep further explain, "DOVE will hopefully be a place where we can put more singular ideas down, less focused on complete songs and more on experimental concepts we work on in the studio. For example, this first release was about restricting ourselves to human voices and acid to make the majority of sounds. Long-term we would like DOVE to lean into the sounds we grew up with, with a rave leaning ascetic [sic], but at this stage we're just excited to start growing it and see where it goes."

CHROMA encompasses a record label, a curated event series, a new AV/DJ show, as well as a unique visual identity created in collaboration with David Rudnick and his Terrain studio.

A series of CHROMA tour dates will keep Bicep on the road in South America, Europe and the UK throughout the summer. Presently announced shows can be found via the duo's official website.

Bicep's most recent album is 2021's Isles.

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