Bicep Unleash Latest CHROMA Single "CHROMA 004 ROLA"

The UK dance duo announced the project and label launch back in January

Photo: Becky Garner

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jun 24, 2024

After introducing new moniker DOVE on "Bi83" last month, the prolific Bicep have returned — this time as CHROMA, the project they announced alongside a label imprint of the same name back in January — with a new single entitled "CHROMA 004 ROLA."

"We wanted something dark and heavy to play as our first tune, as a stark departure from the Live show," explained the UK dance duo, who envisioned it as the opening number for their performance at London's Drumsheds at the end of last year. "It's exactly what we're wanting to achieve with CHROMA, a track written for the dance floor with a specific idea in mind. It's a chance for us to stretch our legs outside a traditional album cycle and focus purely on music for us DJing. It feels really refreshing for us to write music and play it out that same week. It's been really fun for us to let people hear a bit of a tougher sound from us."

"CHROMA 004 ROLA" marks the fourth release on the CHROMA label series, following the aforementioned inaugural CHROMA track and "Bi83," as well as "L.A.V.A," a collaboration with Benjamin Damage (under their B.D.B alias). Give it a listen below.

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