Belle and Sebastian Make 'Simpsons' Cameo

The star-studded Scottish episode also boasted David Tennant and Karen Gillan

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Dec 4, 2023

The name of the game was Scotland on last night's (December 3) episode of The Simpsons, where Belle and Sebastian made a cameo among a few other famous Scots.

Titled "Ae Bonny Romance," Season 35, Episode 8 of the arguably too-long-running show saw Groundskeeper Willie finally tie the knot with a woman named Maisie — voiced by no other than Karen Gillan. David Tennant also makes an appearance as her father, Pa MacWeldon.

Belle and Sebastian end up playing the happy couple's engagement party, and bandleader Stuart Murdoch feels the band were done "pretty well": "Beans and Stevie are particularly well represented," he wrote on Twitter X.

We also would have accepted Franz Ferdinand as a Scottish addition to this episode, but if we've learned anything from modern Simpsons, it's that you can't have everything. 

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