Banks & Steelz "Anything but Words"

Banks & Steelz 'Anything but Words'
Interpol frontman Paul Banks and Wu-Tang head RZA have offered up yet another pre-release preview of their forthcoming debut disc as Banks & Steelz. This time, they're "turning dreams into reality" via their "Anything but Words."

Serving as the title track to the duo's upcoming album, the song starts off with pleasing digital marimba hits you'd expect from the Rockabye Baby! series, with Banks's supporting cries having an almost ballad-time Ozzy feel to them. RZA spits a good chunk of bars over the beat too, which quickly goes from a straightforward pace towards a psyche-mangling assortment of sounds.

You'll find the latest Banks & Steelz bumper down below, while the duo's Anything But Words is due out August 26.