The Backhomes "Talk" (video)

The Backhomes 'Talk' (video)
If you're ready to take your daily spirit journey, a trippy set of glowing visuals has been laced around a similarly hypnotic, previously unreleased tune from Victoria-based duo the Backhomes called "Talk."

Channelling the effortless psych-jam vibes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the song snakes slippery organ drones, reverberating voice-of-god whispers and a little guitar damage into its four-minute runtime. As you're letting those sounds sink in your ears, relax your mind and let those morphing Lite-Brite tapestries elevate you to another plain of consciousness. You can experience it all via the player down below.

"Talk" is being made available as a free download for a limited time over on Bandcamp, while a recent tape edition of the band's Only Friend album Shake! added the track and another bonus cut called "Backward Sunshine" to the tracklisting.

THE BACKHOMES - TALK (OFFICIAL) from The Backhomes on Vimeo.