Babe Rainbow "YHIM"

Babe Rainbow 'YHIM'
As hinted at with its self-explanatory title of Music for 1 Piano, 2 Pianos, & More Pianos, Babe Rainbow's upcoming album of eighty-eights-armed instrumentals is a bit different than his electronic output. To prove this point, you can stream his uplifting "YHIM" ahead of the cassette's September 27 release through 1080p.

Leading with a sun-dappled, one-fingered melody, the piece spreads itself out with extra layers of ethereal triplets higher up on the keyboard and a room-filling expanse of chord work.

Made best for sitting on your balcony with a piping hot cup of coffee, or perhaps while taking in the crispness of an autumn morn, the leaves falling lightly against your windbreaker as you jog around the neighbourhood, you'll find Babe Rainbow's latest composition down below.