Babe Rainbow to Launch Slow Release Singles Series in 2016

Babe Rainbow to Launch Slow Release Singles Series in 2016
While Babe Rainbow (a.k.a. electronic experimentalist Cameron Reed) had initially teased a new LP release in 2016, he's now opting to take his recently founded Slow Release imprint's title to heart. A series of solo singles will be issued throughout the year.

Reed has so far confirmed that a new number titled "Now Is Not the Time" will be the first of his singles to drop in 2016, and it lands on January 15. Speaking with Exclaim!, Reed notes that, as the Slow Release name would imply, he's currently in the mood to offer up his music "slowly and in small doses."

"The name Slow Release is a reference to the way that certain drugs are introduced into a system at a slower speed over a longer period of time," Reed explains. "Experiencing music often has the same slow, narcotic effect when a song slowly buries its way into your mind. You don't feel it happening immediately, especially with the brand of ambient electronic music I'm drawn to. It moves through your system and before you know it, it absorbs you."

Though Reed didn't offer up the details in full, he suggests that an in-progress piece will follow up "Now Is Not the Time" sometime in the spring.

While Babe Rainbow didn't issue any material in 2015, he delivered the Falling Apart and Music for 1 Piano, 2 Pianos, & More Pianos albums in 2014.

"Now Is Not the Time" will be the second effort for Slow Release, following electronic artist dd elle's u EP.