Babe Rainbow

"(Can't) Fly Away"

BY Gregory AdamsPublished May 13, 2016

Cameron Reed has unveiled another tune as Babe Rainbow for his Slow Release imprint's ongoing monthly singles series. His latest cut is an ethereal digital piece called "(Can't) Fly Away."

Despite the song title, the track is rather floaty, with the front section featuring a thick fog of ambient synth work. Whether intentional or not, Babe Rainbow seems to be celebrating the fact that it's Friday the 13th in the track via choppy air sounds that come across like Jason Voorhees' unsettling "ki ki ki ma ma ma" chant.

The track eventually bustles up from its miasmic beginnings towards a chunky, almost '80s-style soundscape of vintage keyboards and Yello-meets-Falco drum machine manipulations.

You can check out "(Can't) Fly Away" down below.

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