​Another Person Accuses Katy Perry of Sexual Harassment

​Another Person Accuses Katy Perry of Sexual Harassment
Following accusations by her "Teenage Dream" video co-star, another person has come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against Katy Perry.
Tina Kandelaki, Georgian-born Russian journalist and TV producer, claims that Perry acted inappropriately towards her at an industry party.
She didn't disclose when or where the incident took place, but according to Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Kandelaki claims that an intoxicated Perry came on to her by touching her inappropriately and trying to kiss her.
Kandelaki said that she publicly rejected Perry's advances, but the pop star continued to behave inappropriately.
She said she decided to come forward with her own story after "Teenage Dream" video star Josh Kloss went public with his allegations against Perry.
Kloss claimed that Perry pulled his pants down and revealed his penis to a crowd of people at a party in 2010.

Perry has not yet commented on either of the allegations.