​Amaara "Black Moon"

​Amaara 'Black Moon'
Kaelen Ohm plays as a member of Reuben and the Dark, but the multi-talented musician, model, actor and filmmaker has recently been readying some solo material under the moniker Amaara. She's set to unveil her inaugural solo offering "Black Moon," and Exclaim! has got your exclusive first listen to the new song.
The track is slated to appear on Amaara's upcoming debut EP, which the artist describes as a set of "ethereal dream pop songs inspired by water, the stars and the toll taken by long, dark winters."
For "Black Moon," Ohm was specifically inspired to write after hearing the news of Philip Seymour Hoffman's death in 2014. By coupling chilling synth sounds and haunting vocals, the song explores "the loss of human life at the hands of depression, addiction and the dark side of finding self identity."
Dreamy and melancholic, the song sways between gloomy spirals and airier uplifting moments, drawing listeners in and bringing them under Amaara's spell.
Give the entrancing single a spin in the player below.