Alice Glass Says Ethan Kath's Defamation Lawsuit Appeal Was Denied Again

"Now he owes us legal fees"

BY Sarah MurphyPublished May 16, 2018

Alice Glass claims she has defeated her former Crystal Castles bandmate Ethan Kath in court once again, stating he must now pony up roughly $21,000 USD for her legal costs after losing his appeal. 

Today Glass made her latest announcement about the ongoing legal fight, tweeting, "Oh and the bullshit lawsuit by my former bandmate was once again denied in his appeal attempt today. Now he owes us legal fees."
Born Claudio Palmieri, Kath had launched a defamation suit against Glass (born Margaret Osborn) after she publicly accused her former bandmate of rape and years of abuse last fall. Kath refuted the claims as "pure fiction."

Kath's defamation suit was thrown out of court earlier this year after Glass proved the comments she had made were protected under the U.S. First Amendment were and made in the public interest as part of the larger #MeToo movement. Kath's legal team was unable to produce further evidence to support the defamation claim.
Glass and Kath's legal battle continued, with Glass's lawyer Vicki Greco returning to court to seek payment of legal fees from Kath. As previously reported, she sought $20,822 USD ($26,648 CAD).
Now, it seems Kath's attempt to appeal was once again overthrown, and Glass says that he is now accountable for her legal fees.

See her announcement via Twitter below, as well as some of the online support she's since received.

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