Alice Glass Says She's Being "Gutted" over Crystal Castles Royalties

She urged fans to only stream her solo music

BY Allie GregoryPublished Oct 15, 2020

Former Crystal Castles frontwoman Alice Glass has spoken out against rumours that she collects all of the royalties from streams of her and Ethan Kath's mid-aughts electronic project.

Glass claimed that she is conversely "being gutted" over their material since leaving the band after accusing Kath of rape, stalking and abuse.

In a series of tweets, Glass also announced that she does not "endorse" Crystal Castles and urged her fans not to stream music from the project. She ensured her followers that a solo record of her own — the "culmination of years of literal blood, sweat, sobs, screams and tears" — is forthcoming, and to listen to her other work in the meantime.

"Please spread the word about my music," she wrote. "Why I had to leave Crystal Castles for my own safety. And why it is crucial to support ethical artists and brand in these difficult times."

Last month, the dark techno vet shared a new video for her single "NIGHTMARES," originally released as a part of the Sermon 3 Recordings anniversary compilation, Sermon 4.

See her recent tweets below.

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