Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace Gets Teeth Shattered at Concert

Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace Gets Teeth Shattered at Concert
An onstage accident has left Against Me! singer Laura Jane Grace with a mouthful of shattered teeth. Reports stemming from the incident had fans explaining that a mic stand got knocked into Grace at Wilmington, NC's Soapbox Lounge on Wednesday (November 7), and the punker later confirming the damage done.

"For those asking, last night my mic was kicked into my face and it shattered a couple of teeth. It was an accident, but still really hurt," she posted on Twitter, adding that she's "pretty upset about the idea of reconstructive dental surgery."

Fan reports on the act's Facebook page [via Spin] claim that a group of concertgoers stormed the stage during Against Me!'s set, and knocked the mic into the singer's face. One fan noted that Grace "slammed her guitar on the ground, walked off stage," and then the show abruptly ended.

Grace did, however, have the good humour to laugh off the teeth-shattering experience the next day, noting "I'm gonna start a kickstarter to get a diamond grill like Kanye."

Against Me! have yet to deliver the full details on their impending Transgender Dysphoria Blues LP, though bassist Andrew Seward told MTV Hive earlier this week that the band have been recording the set since February. Grace is producing the set at the group's Total Treble Studio.

Seward added that the record is shaping up to be more powerful than their poppy 2010 LP White Crosses. "I don't know if 'brutal' is the right word, but it just sounds really fucking tough, and good."