Adam & the Amethysts

Amethyst Amulet

BY Chris WhibbsPublished Jul 27, 2008

Playing live with musicians apparently gets you more than a handful of free beers, as Adam Waito (the titular Adam) performs not only in Montreal pop darlings Miracle Fortress but has members of the Luyas and Telefauna joining him for the other half of his band name. I have to believe Waito gained something through musical osmosis, as this is an incredibly charming and beguiling debut. With a warm, earnest voice, Waito has a light touch at the best of times, but sometimes things lose focus, as in the wandering beginning (that later changes into a breathless and exciting finale) of "Waverly, Vickers, Trowbridge, Centennial.” But when he’s good, this is amazing stuff. Take "Bumble Bee,” where the smooth delivery and slyly dark lyrics are perfectly tempered with the urgent, supremely catchy music. When Waito sings, "Sweet, sweet lady you see/the part of me that’s evergreen,” you know it’s not just directed as his crush but at all of us. Yes, we see, and hear, the part of you that’s evergreen and it’s just lovely. Not to be too corny but this is a gem of an album.

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