A$AP Mob "Yamborghini High" (ft. Juicy J) (video)

A$AP Mob 'Yamborghini High' (ft. Juicy J) (video)
After delivering their revved up "Yamborghini High" crew cut at the top of 2016, the assembled A$AP Mob have now offered up a whip-riding music video for the A$AP Yams celebrating song.

As previously reported, the track features A$AP Rocky and fellow teammates Ant, Nast and Ferg rhyming about hot Lambos, racking up stacks of money, partying and more. Joined by Juicy J, the video finds the troupe coolin' outside of a mansion in their bathrobes, whipping down highways in their sports cars, and delivering a few bars down by the water.

The video, which also comes plastered in visual noise and neon patches of light, can be found below.