50 Cent "Winners Circle" (ft. Guordan Banks)

50 Cent 'Winners Circle' (ft. Guordan Banks)
50 Cent was as distracted as the rest of us by Solange and Jay Z's alleged altercation, even going so far as to create his own overdub. It wasn't all fun and games today for Fif, however, as the rapper also returned with a new song.

"Winners Circle" is a hard-hitting, soulful hip-hop song complete with a hook from Guordan Banks. With the melody and the uplifting beat, it's certainly got the most pop appeal of the rapper's recent material, but Fiddy manages to reach for a broad audience without sacrificing quality.

Check out "Winners Circle" below and check back for a music video tomorrow (May 13). Animal Ambition is set to drop on June 3.