'WolfCop' Sequel Launches Crowdfunding for Cameos

'WolfCop' Sequel Launches Crowdfunding for Cameos
Last year, Saskatchewan filmmaker Lowell Dean roared onto screens with the instant cult classic WolfCop. The film's currently in production for a sequel, and now its filmmakers are raising funds to "grow the WolfPack" with some big-name cameos.

Producers have launched a new IndieGoGo campaign asking fans to help them decide on some cameos. They're seeking $30,000 toward casting, and are open to suggestions.

If you donate as little as three dollars, you'll be given three suggestions as to who you'd like to see in the forthcoming flick. Donate $10,000, and you'll be murdered by WolfCop in the film. (Presumably he won't actually kill you in real life.)

It's worth noting that the sequel has already scored its funding and been greenlit. The campaign is simply intended to raise funds for a big-name guest star.

Watch Lowell Dean's fundraising video for WolfCop 2 below.